The Aviator: Architect and Art Director Dante Ferretti – U.S.A. 2005 – Motion picture.
Il bell’Antonio: Art Director Lorenzo Baraldi – Italy 2005 – TV movie.
“The Aviator” and “Il bell’ Antonio” are two works so distant and, at the same time, so close.
Both of them are signed by Italian Art Directors and workers who came from the old Italian cinema school where they taught how to do a good use of money and, also, how to supply a good product even with a very small budget by using all the “tricks of the trade”.
In both of this movies we can see scenes and sets that perfectly match with the historical time whom those facts refer to.
Obviously time and costs issues pushed them to a different framing, but the editing they did well solved the huge gap between these productions.
-The Aviator: Italian representation of the Art Deco from New York.
-Il bell’Antonio: Sicilian Baroque performable in America.